Amy’s Nails and Beauty offer professional reflexology therapy sessions from her salon based in Leverington, Wisbech. At very reasonable prices, put your best foot forward and book your reflexology therapy session today!

What is reflexology?

Reflexology therapy is the practice of using fingers and thumbs to massage your hands or feet, stimulating reflex areas that are linked to all organs, glands and body parts. Reflexology helps blood flow, lymphs and nerve circulation.

Reflexology is known to help allieviate conditions, and also help with your general well-being. Reflexology can help with: –

  • Relaxation / Sleep disorders,
  • Skin Conditions and allergies,
  • Stress / Anxiety,
  • Headaches / Migranes,
  • Hormone Issues,
  • Fertility Issues,
  • Circulation or Water Retention Issues,
  • Blood Sugar Disorder,
  • Digestive Issues
  • Muscular / Skeletal Issues
  • Allergies / Skin Conditions
  • And more…

What happens during my reflexology treatment?

After taking off your shoes and sock, you’ll lay down on the massage couch. Amy will carefully apply pressure to different areas of your feet and ankles in a certain order. Each area corresponds to different parts or organs of the body, and you may feel different sensations during the reflexology session. Amy will explain what’s happening as the session progresses.

Reflexology sessions will generally be a calming experience, ultimately leaving many clients feeling relaxed and energised.

How do I book my reflexology sessions

Amy’s Nails and Beauty are priced per session, but offer discounts when booking a series of four sessions in advance. You can book online by clicking the button below, or get in touch with Amy on 07957 404169.

Amy’s Nails and Beauty are highly recommended for your reflexology treatments!

Reflexology at Amy’s Nails and Beauty, Wisbech

Had a reflexology session done with Amy and it was fantastic. She held knowledge of every part of the foot and could tell me where I had tension. After the session my feet felt like they were floating! I would highly recommend her and this treatment if you work on your feet a lot!