Feeling tension on your back, neck or shoulders? Want to ease stress following too much time at the desk or doing manual work? Maybe you overdone it a little while playing sports? Then a massage at Amy’s Nails and Beauty’s salon might be just what you need to relieve tension and feel pampered!

Why do I need a back, neck and shoulder massage?

Did you know, there are 77 different muscles in your back? Your back goes through a lot of movements every day, it’s no surprise that your back muscles start to ache and pains creep in – from the back of your neck, around your shoulders and to your lower back. A back, neck and shoulder massage will help alleviate those pains by stretching and lenghening your muscles. This helps blood flow around that area of your body, and help you feel refreshed.

From her salon in Leverington near Wisbech, Amy can provide you with a professional back, neck and shoulder massage to ease back pains and muscle tension – all at a price that will make you feel good! This treatment lasts approximately 30 minutes.

How about a full body massage for the rest of your body?

If you need to relieve aches and pains over other parts of your body (or just everywhere!), Amy’s Nails and Beauty also offer a full body massage, from head to toe! It’s the ultimate massaging treatment option from Amy’s Nails and Beauty. When combined with a facial, will make you feel truly pampered!

I’d like to book a treatment! How?

It’s easy! You can book your timeslot online right now by clicking the booking button below. If you’d like to check something with us first, then please get in touch via. our contact page or send me a message by live chat.

The online treatment booking form will provide you with the list of our treatment prices and options. It also lists any special offers we’re currently running for massaging treatments, at the best prices.

Amy’s Nails and Beauty, for Highly Rated Massage Treatments in Wisbech

Massages at Amy’s Nails and Beauty, Wisbech

Had the Valentine’s offer of massage and facial, very relaxing and comfortable. My skin was so soft after the facial, Amy was friendly and welcoming x


Massages at Amy’s Nails and Beauty, Wisbech

Just had the most amazing facial and back neck and shoulder massage! If you are thinking of booking in do so! Absolutely amazing! Can’t thank you enough!