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What is an Eye Lash Lift treatment?

Eye Lash Lift is like a perm for your lashes.  It’s an alternative to false lashes or lash extensions, and have the following advantages: –

  • The lash lift maximises your existing eye lashes, curling them up/outwards to provide longer, natural lashes.
  • They last roughly 6-8 weeks.
  • Eye lash lifts are very low-maintenance – you don’t need to worry about your lashes when washing your face, sleeping or applying make-up.
  • On that note, you can still wear mascara with lash lift.
  • They’re also generally cheaper than lash extensions.

The lash lift treatment takes around 45-60 minutes, but does require a patch test 48-hours before the treatment. You will also need to remove contact lenses prior to and for a few hours after lash treatments

What is Eye Lash Tinting treatment?

Eye Lash Tinting further emphasises your eye lashes by darkening them – in a similar way to mascara. Lash tinting does have several advantages over mascara and other similar make-up: –

  • Tinted lashes last for around 4-6 weeks,
  • They are low maintenance during that time,
  • They don’t smudge or run, unlike some mascaras.

Like the lash lift, a patch test is requred 48-hours prior to treatment to ensure that you are not allergic to the treatment.

Other related treatments…

Don’t forget, Amy’s Nails and Beauty also provide Eye Brow Waxing treatments to shape your eyebrows, eye brow tinting to further enhance the brows, or alternatively we also provide henna brows treatments.

If you would like further information about our lash lifting or lash tinting treatments, or to book an appointment, then please contact us today.

Highly Rated Lash Lifting in Leverington, Wisbech

Lash Lift at Amy’s Nails and Beauty, Wisbech

Would recommend Amy for beauty treatments. Had my lash lift done with her this evening, she made me feel very comfortable during the process with not having it done before. Talked me through every step she was taking. Asked if I was okay every so often, very welcoming and felt relaxed x


Lash Lift at Amy’s Nails and Beauty, Wisbech

My eyelashes are amazing after my lash lift and Tint just how I wanted them.


Lash Lift at Amy’s Nails and Beauty, Wisbech

Had my eyebrows done tonight. Amy’s a lovely girl and didn’t hurt once whilst waxing my eyebrows. And did a beautiful job on them. So pleased with them I have booked repeat appointment for 5 weeks time. I will be recommending Amy to family and friends.