Are you planning a holiday and need to get beach ready? Just want to shape your eyebrows, or maybe need sleek armpits or legs? Whatever you need waxing, Amy’s Nails and Beauty specialise in all major types of hot or strip wax treatments!

Why should I use hot wax for hair removal?

Hot wax is great for picking up small, fine or stubborn hairs which might otherwise get missed with waxing strips / warm wax. Many say that hot waxing is also more comfortable than other forms of waxing!

Advantages for hot waxing include: –

  • It’s excellent for small patches, and great for intimate areas,
  • Hot wax grips better than warm wax,
  • Hot wax is effective for strong and short hairs,
  • It’s suitable for sensitive skin,
  • Professionally done, hot waxing leaves the skin less red,

What hot wax treatments do we offer?

Amy’s Nails and Beauty offer a wide range of hot wax treatments from her salon in Leverington, Wisbech. These include…

  • Full Brazilian Hot Wax – Female hair removal “down below”, front and back.
  • Bikini Hot Wax – As the title suggests, waxing the area around the bikini, but not under it…
  • Under Arm Wax – Hot Wax your armpits. Excellent for when vest weather comes around!
  • Chin / Lip / Brow Waxes – Streamline and shape your eyebrows. Ideal if you’re looking to book a brow tint treatment!
  • Nostril Wax – Hot wax removal of unsightly nasal hairs.

Do you offer strip waxing?

Yes we do! We can use strip wax instead of hot wax for the following treatments: –

  • Full or Half Leg Wax – Make your legs silky smooth with this strip-wax treatment, ready for those short shorts or slinky dress!
  • Under Arm Wax.
  • Chin / Lip / Brow Waxing.

Booking Hot Wax / Strip Wax treatments, or more information…

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like more information or advice on any aspect of strip hot waxing, or to book an appointment. You can get in touch via. the Contact Us page, the live chat button at the bottom-right of this page, or alternatively use the online booking form by clicking the button below.

Highly Rated Hot Waxing in Leverington, Wisbech!

Hot Waxing at Amy’s Nails and Beauty, Wisbech

Booked an appointment with Amy for waxing today. Amy was very professional and made me feel comfortable at all times. I would highly recommend.


Hot Waxing at Amy’s Nails and Beauty, Wisbech

Amy is such a friendly person and makes you feel comfortable straight away. Great at waxing.


Hot Waxing at Amy’s Nails and Beauty, Wisbech

I highly recommend Amy for Brazilian waxing, she has done it a few times on me now and wouldn’t go any where else x she is very professional and gets the job done to a high standard x